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Beat Lizard review

Beat Lizard blog review of ‘dub alpina’ :

Mildtape – Dub Alpina (LibreCommeLair)

I like Dub. I like the archetypal deep beats, the wandering, ponderous path the music follows, the immersive rhythms which drag you in, the heavy bass resounding through your skull – I like all of it and from the innovators of the genre onwards to the sea of bedroom producers we have today I can pretty much always find something which works for me. It is, however, a very lazy genre. Barring one or two notable exceptions Dub makers are rarely given to random experimentation; the foundations of the music are clearly laid out and they’re more than solid enough for most just to indulge in the lightest of variations in their work, hoping, presumably, that even if the structure is as predictable as ever they’ll make the right minor adjustment to make their work stand out. Mostly, however, they fail.

Mildtape’s release ‘Dub Alpina’ is decent Dub. The foundations are in place, the minor modifications to the traditional template work and, all in all, it’s not a bad listen. There are a couple of nice beats in there, a few ideas well executed but for all that I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed. As someone like Titus Twelve shows there’s room for innovation in Dub, room to layer on something original and interesting over the age old foundations without detracting from what the genre is loved for – something which doesn’t happen on this work horse of a release. And I don’t mean to sound cold in saying that, previously I’d have happily added this to my collection and taken it for what it is, a decent Dub album, but the formula has become diluted through dozens of encounters in free (and non-free) music.

Anyway, there’s a decent release here and I don’t want to knock it too much because there’s nothing wrong with efforts like this beyond, perhaps, a certain laziness.


Slow monday in South Korea

Slow monday from mildtape on Vimeo.

Walked around Hyojadong (효자동) in Seoul, South Korea.
things were slow and very calm. (also freezzzing).

Video by Jin Min
 Music by Mildtape
 Song Title: Slowsteppers



some info from LCL netlabel

– dub alpina :

” From over Alps comes this fully synthetic dub release, with minimalistic and hypnotic accents. ” (LCL – january 2011)

” At the beginning there were machines. But these were silent. We had to learn how to feed them. And when we learned it, we became the machines. ” (mildtape – january 2011)

” En LCL se toman las cosas en serio, ofreciendo muchas producciones de buena calidad. mildtape está a cargo de la referencia número veinticuatro jugando con el dub en distintas claves. Algo de dubstep y electro asoma, bajos contundentes, órganos distorsionados. Tiene algo característico, como un vaivén en su música, con elementos entrando y saliendo constantemente de la escena. ”  Netlabel & news – march 2011

” Mildtape serwuje sponad ośnieżonych szczytów Alp epkę Dub Alpina a na niej syntetyczny minimalizm, oswojone dźwięki hipnotyzują, głębokie bity zniewalają w przyjemny sposób a solidna struktura pozbawiona analogowych brzmień wyjątkowo dobrze kołysze. Ciało i umysł. ” Audioterror – january 2011

– free as air :

” This EP celebrates the 5 years of LCL.
5 years, 31 releases, and hundreds of thousands of downloads later, we keep the same aim : spread and connect !
The tale of LCL continues within the next chapters. Read hereafter what the instigators of this release have to narrate…” (LCL – may 2011)
” Working with Ebsa is like listening to his flow, it comes natural. There are no artifices, his style and his own identity merge together – the need of spreading a message that unifies rather than dividing. Producing the music for “Free as air” has been equally intense and natural, where dub style had to support rap lyrics in a functional way and therefore maintain a certain level of symmetry, seeking to reveal the contrast between controlled sound power in slow motion and fast flickering, sharp lyrics. The choice by LCL to do a release for its fifth anniversary with Free as air is source of great pride ! Through the remixes it obtains the final form it should have : an intertwining track that is a sign of mutual friendship and respect between us.” (mildtape – may 2011)
” When mildtape and I decided to make a song together and once he sent me the instrumental track, I wrote the lyrics for Free as Air within an hour. They came to me very easily and it felt natural. Influences for the lyrics include: the human world, people, my life, the project itself, soundcloud.com and the LCL label. The lyrics cover many universal themes: communication & internet, history & future, technology & nature, lyrics & music, sound system culture and the synergy that can be achieved when people “team up”. Mainly written in the English language, I also used Italian and French phrases in the lyrics. This was to emphasise the notion that – though we are all from different countries, have different cultures and use different languages – all humanity is connected through music.” (Ebsa – may 2011)
” The ‘International Dub Cloud’ remix of mildtape & Ebsa’s “Free as Air” is a statement about a fresh way of thinking, making & distributing art in the information era, just like the original track is a statement aout freedom. Taking a heavy deep dub structure such as mildtape’s and reworking it to a light-hearted electrolatino tune (wich includes the mandatory guiros, percussions and brass) is not an extravagant exercise anymore. It’s normal now ! The fact that it took 3 artists from 3 different countries is just a demonstration of the way the International Dub Cloud operates : through the air, free and with no middleman operators in between. ” (Lata – may 2011)
– La boîte à sons (LCL soundbank rmx compilation) :
This is a very special release for us !

Summer 2009 : LibreCommeLair (LCL) opens a free creative commons sound bank filled by the artists who collaborated or released on the label. To spread the new, LCL decides to organize a remix contest based on the sound bank. Some musicians remixed one track, some mashed up two, others mixed up several and one even used all the samples in the same track (guess wich one) !

Early 2011 : after monthes of dilemna, a jury composed of Netaudio and Creative Commons music actors makes a selection of the contest entries. This Jury is composed by FreeMusicArchive (U.S.), Notheen(Hungary), Subflow (France), DivergenceFM (France),INQ (Spain), Netwaves (Belgium), Netaudio Berlin(Germany), AQuietBump (Italy), iD.EOLOGY (Germany) and Dogmazic (France).

Here is their selection, casted into the form of a dense and impetuous compilation of 10 sonic candies browsing a wide musical spectrum.
Dub, reggae, d’n’b, hip hop, electronica, all for your aural pleasure !

To get all the artists bios and detail please visit this page. You’ll also find tracks from the other musicians to entered the contest !

LCL free soundbank remains opened and will continue to grow over time, so help yourself if you are looking for free sound loops and samples.”
LCL – march 2011 

Eine schöne Compilation vom, ja man kann fast sagen, meinem liebsten Netlabel aus Frankreich..
Progolog – May 2011

After some struggle and a voting process by a jury containing some of the most respected netlabels in the world, the results have been finally released. “La Boite A Sons” features a wide spectrum of various styles on ten great tunes.
Thomas Raukamp – April 2011

Thanks LCL staff for your extraordinary work and for the rest, please, enjoy the compilation!!!
INQ Magazine – April 2011

LCL opened their sound bank of samples in Summer 2010, and many of the best creative commons artists placed their samples there for re-use…It doesn’t take a genius to work out these are excellent remixes.
Netlabelism – April 2011